Cracked Ice Color Glacier
Craftsman Linen color Antique Ivory Fabric
Crazy Horse Faux Leather Vinyl
Cream and Chocolate Stripe Matelasse'
Cream Dobby Home Decor Fabric
Cream Leather Hides for Upholstery
Cream Pattern Florence Jacquard
Cresting Patttern, color Baltic
Crestmont Pattern Rawhide
Crestmont Pattern Siam Colors Bosenberry or Gooseberry Drapery Fabric
Creston Color Orchard
Crewel, Emb & Pillow Fabrics
Crimson Red Lip Cord
Crimson, Coral and Sand Lip Cord
Crinkled Sheer Drapery Fabric
Croc Design Upholstery Fabric
Crocco color Pearl
Crocco Vinyl by the Yard
Crosshatch Color Ivory Fabric
Crosswell Color Heathers Fabric
Crown Cotton Lining Color Ivory or White Drapery Fabric D112605-003
Crushed Golden Velvet
Crypton Home Fabrics
Crypton in Olive
Crypton Lublin Hemp
Crypton Plush in Off-White
Crypton Sadie color Linen
Crypton Veldt Hawaii Soft Aqua
Crystal 05 Sheer
Crystal 20 Sheer
Cumulus Sky
Cursive Caps Silver
Curtain Fabric Artic Blue Semi Sheer
Curved 3 1/2" Light Round Point Upholsterer Needle 17 Gauge from our Upholstery Shop Tool section Osborne501half
Curved 3" Extra Light Round Upholsterer Needle 19 Gauge from our Upholstery Store Tool section Osborne501X
Curved 3-Square Point 4 Needle Kit from Upholstery Shop Professional Online Web Store Tools OsborneK4
Curved 5" Light Round Point Upholsterer Needle 16 Gauge from our Upholstery Shop Tool section Osborne501-5in
Custom Color Antique Green Mohair Velvet Fabric
Custom Color Margarita Mohair Velvet Fabric
Custom Finished New Trends Line of Drapery Finials FIN4205-230
Custom Finished Newport Line of Finials FIN3200
Custom Finished Traditional Elegance Line of Drapery Finials FIN200-280
Cut Flowers Spring Garden

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