Color Tea Paisley Fish Upholstery/Decorating Fabric
Color Vanilla Lip Cord
Color Wheat Woven Tweed Texture Indoor/Outdoor Fabric
Color White Lip Cordette
Colorado D848 Color Multi
Colors of Starburst Design Upholstery Fabric
Commercial Contract Drapery Pattern
Commercial Contract Teal Tweed
Commercial Contract Upholstery Fabric
Commercial Drapery Pattern
Commercial Pattern Agua
Commercial Pattern Lux Color Navy
Commercial Striated woven Upholstery Fabric
Commercial Upholstery Fabric 110218A
Commercial Upholstery Pattern Circuit
Commercial Upholstery Pattern Drawing Lines
Como Elephant Velvet
Como Plaid Color Golden Umber Decorator Fabric
Como Velvet color Emerald
Como Velvet in Red Flame
Compass color Eggshell
Compose Sta*Kleen Silicone
Composite Leather Upholstery Fabric
Conso and WWF Trim & Fringe
Conso products in Stock
Conso Trim 015754/1814
Conso Trim 015934/1814
Conso Trim 020100/MK01
Conso Trim 020105/MK06
Conso, WWF and Zimmerman Co. Trim & Fringe
Contemporary Diamond Stripe Color Pablo
Contemporary Flocked Geometric Fabric
Contemporary Floral Grid Design
Contemporary Floral Upholstery Fabric Pattern Palamino Color Copper by the yard
Contemporary Pattern Willard color Multi
Contemporary Vertical Stripe Design Upholstery Fabric Pattern Cescent Color Kiwi by the yard EIFCrescentKiwi Samples
Continuous Red Upholstery Fabric
Contract Color Nautical Blue Upholstery Fabric Short
Contract Color Navy Blue Canvas Upholstery Fabric Short
Contract Color Royal Blue Upholstery Fabric Short
Contract Color Seafoam Upholstery Fabric Short
Contract Color Tapestry Upholstery Fabric Short

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